About Dr. Seltzer

About Dr. Seltzer

Doctor Seltzer in 1982 with the original Hangover Helper vending machine.

From the Inventor of Dr. Seltzer’s Hangover Helper®
~ Millions of Satisfied Customers Since 1982 ~

In 1982 Eric Summers (Doc) was imbibing moonshine with some fellow ‘Sport Drinkers’ when he offered: “If someone could make us feel better in the morning they’d be Zillionaires.” We stayed up all night creating the name and art.

One of Doc’s buddies was a real Medical Doctor who found a formula published in 1931 that really worked. Dr. Seltzer’s Hangover Helper® was best described as ‘A Pet Rock with Redeeming Pharmacological Value’.

The Humorous Insert said: For the next 15 minutes while Dr. Seltzer attempts to rid your body of it’s toxic wastes, Do Not Do the Following: Don’t Look into Mirrors, Do Not Read Packages with Small Print and DON’T TRY OUT YOUR NEW CHAINSAW. Laughter is the best medicine.

The Formula, Humor, Art and the Doc were an Instant Success

Dr Seltzer Hangover Helper Medicine Wagon and Limo


Dr. Seltzer had the ‘ONLY’ Traveling Medicine Show in America Featuring Dr. Seltzer’s Band, Genetically Blessed Nurses, Limousine and 1931 Medicine Wagon touring the Southeastern U.S. for 6 months Seltzerizing one and all.

Image shows Dr. Seltzer with original Hangover Hut and Hangover Helper.

Dr. Seltzer’s Story is Still Being Written

In 1993 Rexall Drugs made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I sold the company and retired. The orders for T-Shirts and hats never stopped. When I noticed people selling low quality knock-offs as Vintage Dr. Seltzer stuff on EBay, I decided to offer the ‘real deal’ direct from the Doctor.